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Find Us on TeamApp
Find Us on TeamApp

Team App is a fantastic way to communicate with your Community Organisation.

With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all sorts of other social media platforms, there seems to be a lot of competition for attention.  Then of course there are other platforms like Slack and Telegram too.

Any Community Organisation needs some way to encourage all their members and other interested parties to interact with them.  The platform needs to be free and easy to access for everyone.  That is the problem with so many of the social media platforms.  Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter etc.  As a result you miss out on opportunities to connect and communicate with members.

Enter TeamApp, a free app for clubs of any sort and even businesses can use it as well.  The app is available from both Google Play and also iTunes. People simply install it on their phone and search for your organisation.

If you set it up and administer the app, then you can actually send out invitations to people to join your Group.  You can add News Items, Events, Photos and even sell merchandise through the app.

We have set up our own app, at least we are in the process of doing so and we hope we can encourage people to sign up.

The app does display ads which is how it funds itself.  These can be removed however for the very small fee of $4.50 when this post was written.

You will find TeamApp by following the link.  You can join us by searching for Community Organisations when you are signed up.

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