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The OODA Loop

OODA Loop Diagram

Notes on this Post That reminds me… of Feedback Loops for systems, feedback in relationships and with staff. It’s similar because…the process is the same, but with different terminology It’s different because… it presents an alternate way of explaining problem-solving It’s important because…it can speed up the decision-making process. The OODA Loop was originally developed […]

Why You Should Record Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Time Recording Spreadsheet

All Community Organisations should record volunteer hours.  There are several very good reasons for doing this. One that is often overlooked is the value of time contributed by volunteers for the purposes of a grant. When making a grant application for a community project, get your members to record volunteer hours worked. These can then […]

App For Your Organisation

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Team App is a fantastic way to communicate with your Community Organisation. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all sorts of other social media platforms, there seems to be a lot of competition for attention.  Then of course there are other platforms like Slack and Telegram too. Any Community Organisation needs some way to encourage all […]