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Establishing Position Descriptions or Duty Statements is very important for any successful Community Organisation.

The biggest mistake I have seen with many organisations is that they have to elect a Committee under their Constitution.  Naturally, that’s what they do. Then what happens is that these people on the Committee have no idea what their role or function is to be.

A lot of Constitutions provide for an organisation to elect the number of committee members it will need at each AGM.  Use this flexibility in your organisation to have a minimum amount of people in total.  Remember, you already have four members of the committee as your executive.

A smart executive and committee will plan what Committee positions they need for the following year and devise Position Descriptions for them.  That way, when the AGM comes around, people know what jobs are available.  The Position Description will tell them what is expected in that role.

You can download the Position Descriptions Handbook for free.

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