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General Meeting Agenda

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Having a General Meeting agenda is an essential first step to running a successful meeting. There are several benefits in having an agenda, and several of these are listed here. First and foremost is the considerable advantage that everyone in your organisation understands the intended flow of the meeting. When distributed before a meeting, they […]

Annual General Meeting Templates

AGM Annual General Meeting of a typical small volunteer organisation

Today we have added some Annual General Meeting Templates to the site. These are set out in a tabular format to create ease of preparation and readability by members.  The templates also include a form of notice of the Annual General Meeting to members. As mentioned in the templates, there is somewhat of a common […]

Position Description


Establishing Position Descriptions or Duty Statements is very important for any successful Community Organisation. The biggest mistake I have seen with many organisations is that they have to elect a Committee under their Constitution.  Naturally, that’s what they do. Then what happens is that these people on the Committee have no idea what their role […]

Accounting for your Community Organisation

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Keeping tabs on the comings and goings of money is critical in any community organisation.  Not only is it critical to have your records kept up to date, but they also need to be done in a manner that is transparent.  Members need to understand the information that is presented to them. For this reason, […]