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Step 5 – Measure the Results

Measure Results

The famous management consultant Peter Drucker reputedly said that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Although I would partially agree with the statement as a basis for discussion, it is a fact that you can’t necessarily measure everything. When it comes to implementing solutions in your organisation, you may not have the systems to […]

Step 4 – Implement the Solution

Old Way New Way

The next step in the problem solving process is to implement the solution. Implementation can be somewhat daunting as it will involve change. People resist change because the status quo is their self-identity. Change means that it is challenged and needs to be modified. For some, this is more difficult than others. However, it is […]

Step 1 – Identify the Opportunity

5 Whys

So, you have a problem, I mean “opportunity” for your community organisation. The first step is actually to identify the challenge you need to resolve. This is not as easy as it may appear at face value. Members can often bring attention to a particular problem they believe is an issue, but it must be […]

Turning A Problem into a Opportunity

Challenges are like a maze

Turning a problem into an opportunity and then a solution is a skill that many organisations would welcome. However, like the business world, community organisations are not immune to facing problems from time to time. These can be anything from minor organisational issues to significant issues threatening the organisation’s future viability. Community Organisations, however, do […]