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Dynamic Community Leadership LogoDynamic Community Leadership offers a wide range of services to Community Organisations. Talk to us about your needs and we will put a proposal together for you

Passion for ConsultingThe base of all services. From here we can work with your Community Organisation on developing solutions to your challenges. This can be anything from Leadership, Management or simple administration. In addition to the internal skills in Dynamic Community Leadership, we can also access external specialists to suit your needs.

Coaching and MentoringLet us help you have some lightbulb moments. Do you need assistance and support where mentoring and coaching would be helpful? This is designed to be a one on one service to deal with any issues you may be facing in your Community Organisation. This is not about us doing the work, it is about mentoring and coaching you to give you the skills to do the work. This is about us giving you questions to explore or providing a map. It’s still you or your organisation that has to make the journey. Of course, we will be sitting in the passenger seat for the whole journey.

With over 20 years of web development and internet experience behind us, we have the knowledge and skills to assist with all your online needs. There are several great systems around, but for Community Organisations, we recommend WordPress because of its ease of use. We can register domain names, develop your site and manage hosting all under the one roof and support you in the future. We use the latest software for web development and believe it or not, we can also actually read and write code!

Looking for a Grant? There are many available to assist community organisations if you know where to look. We have considerable background in both researching and applying for grants, successfully too! If you are considering a grant, why not reach out for assistance.

google workspaceIf you are a non profit Community Organisation, you may be entitled to a free version of Google Workspace. This can replace subscriptions to software such as MS Office and Zoom. You also receive the ability to advertise your organisation for free. This can boost membership and brand awareness of your Community Organisation.

software adviceLooking for software solutions? We can provide advice on the best software to solve your current challenges. Our background on the internet since the early 1990s provides us with a huge depth of experience with different software, sources and ideas. This can be everything from simple free word processing to complex project management software.

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