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Reading Kindle Books

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Reading Kindle books isn’t a challenge on any system. I was surprised the other day to find out that some people aren’t aware that they can read Kindle books on any device.

Although there is certainly such a thing as a Kindle tablet reader, they aren’t necessary.  There is software available for all operating systems be it desktop, tablet or phone.

The book, “Building Community Organisations” is published on Kindle simply because it’s a great way to publish reading material.  It also makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world and at any time once downloaded. It is estimated that there are around 8 million titles available on Amazon Kindle. Such a fountain of knowledge makes a fantastic information source that is so easy to transport.

I have all my books on my iPad in my Kindle app and take them wherever I go. I can read while waiting for an appointment, travelling, camping or basically anywhere. If you haven’t experienced the benefits then give it a try.  Another couple of benefits I find with Kindle books are:-

  • I can drag my finger across a sentence or paragraph to highlight significant parts of a book
  • I can click on a word and bring up a dictionary meaning and Wikipedia link on many books
  • I can search the entire book for something in particular.

Now I know and empathise with people who love the feel of a physical book. I have many physical books as well. I just find the benefits of my Kindle books really help me absorb the content and find important points in future.  I should say that most of the books I read are non-fiction and reference type books.  If it’s a novel, then yes, I love the real book in my hands too.

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