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Institute of Community Directors Australia

Institute of Community Directors Australia

Australian Institute of Company Directors The ICDA is a very worthwhile body to consider if you are in the volunteer area of community organisations.  The other organisation that is well known in Australia is the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).  So what’s the difference you may ask.

The ICDA is focused on people who are Directors of Not For Profits in the Community.  The AICD on the other hand caters to any type of Director whether they be in the community or on the Board of a top 100 company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Another significant difference is in the cost of membership.  To join the ICDA will cost you $65 a year, whereas membership of the AICD will cost you $605 a year, plus another $225 to join.  If you are a volunteer in the community, the latter is a considerable amount of investment.

Both organisations offer training and qualifications.  That said, even the ICDA Diploma of Governance is $4500 which is out of reach for many volunteers in the community.  Those in the AICD may well have the benefit of having their Board pay for their professional development.

Personally, I have joined the ICDA because it is more relevant to my community volunteer roles.  It is still worth looking at both organisations to determine which one will provide the best value for your personal situation.

My ICDA membership certificate can viewed at this link.

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