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How To Protect Your Facebook Business Page or Group

Banned Facebook Account

It is not unusual these days to hear stories of Facebook accounts being hacked or Facebook closing them down for one reason or another. On a number of occasions, the closure or banning of accounts is actually no fault of the user, but perhaps a hacker. When this happens, it can end up in the loss of access to your business page or a group page where you are the Administrator.

Given the frequency with which this appears to be happening, we thought a few helpful tips might be handy to protect yourself against such issues in future. If you’ve already been blocked or banned, then the best of luck trying to get any support and assistance from Facebook.

Register a Non de Plume

If you’re going to setup a Business Page or Group in Facebook, then it may be a good idea to register a non de plume on Facebook and leave it inactive. Make this non de plume account an admin of your Business Page or Group account. If your main account is hacked or blocked, you will always be able to gain access through the non de plume account.

Appoint a Trusted Friend as Admin

This is an alternative to setting up a non de plume account if you have a trusted friend. If Facebook bans your main individual account for some reason, you can then set up a second account and have your trusted friend appoint you as an admin of your Business Page or Group.

Don’t Use Facebook as a Business Page

I have long preached this mantra because you never own the content you put on Facebook. You may have copyright, but when a company can close you down, that’s not ownership. The most effective way of promoting your business is to have your own website and then use teaser posts or clickbait on Facebook and other platforms to drive traffic to your own website. If you’re strapped for cash, use Blogger or Wordpess free sites until you can afford a professional version.


Both of these methods are only useful if set up before the event occurs. They won’t help you after Facebook has shut down your access. Consider them insurance to protect your online assets, but the most reliable structure of all is to have your own website and use social media to drive traffic to what you own and control.

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