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Belief and Conviction

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In any community organisation, you are usually involved in inspiring, growing and transforming your community. You may have projects you are working on using grants or funding from the community itself. Whatever you are adopting as a project, you absolutely must have Belief and Conviction in its success. Community organisations are those initiators that plant the seeds of future growth in their communities. They are the agents of change. Those seeds need watering with unwavering belief and conviction to realise the project.

Difference Between Belief and Conviction

Belief is defined as accepting that something is true or exists. Conviction is defined as a firmly held belief. You can argue that the two words are the same, but belief is an opinion to split hairs, and a conviction is based on gathered evidence. When it comes to community projects, you will need both.

Why Belief and Conviction are Critical

Your belief is like a candle. As long as it burns it lives.

It’s simple. If you don’t believe in your project and the members of your organisation don’t believe in it, how can you expect to convince others of its worth? Try to ensure that everyone is on board who is in your organisation, but most importantly, don’t have anyone on your project committee who has the slightest of doubts. Doubt will be immediately picked up by those with whom you are negotiating. The result will be that they will become worried about the viability of your project.

There is no Entitlement

When seeking project funding, whether it be via a grant or personal representation, you absolutely must sell the concept. Explore every possible argument you can around the project and focus on the benefits to the community. With competing interests for funding, it will always be the best-presented project that wins, and this most definitely includes the unwavering belief and conviction of the community organisation proposing the concept.


Put a fire in your belly about your projects. Make sure you totally believe in your ability to deliver. It would be best if you had total conviction regarding the viability of the project and the value to your community, and you are 99% on the way to success. I would love to hear your thoughts and about your experience in the comments.

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