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Leading & Building Community Organisations

How To Lead Effective, Dynamic Community Organisations and Build Members

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Community Organisations are the building blocks of any community.  From sports clubs, hobby groups,  recreational pursuits to service clubs and religious groups, these organisations attract people with common interests.

They gather together with a set of shared values. These values won’t always be shared 100% by other members of the organisation or group, but the purpose of the group and the values are what creates the common bond between the members.

As with any group of people, be it in the community or be it in business, leadership of people and understanding motivations are critical to successful organisations.

In community organisations, this extends to such things as excellent communication, well run meetings and effective committees and most importantly, the recognition of members and their volunteer hours and contributions.


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Getting Ready To Incorporate

There are many items to explore before going down the path of incorporating your organisation. These all need to be explored.

Incorporating Your Organisation

What are the legal implications? Should you have your own or the standard Model Rules?

Leading your organisation

Successful organisations build strong successful communities. Positive leadership and documented systems work every time.

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